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The healthiest cabinet for your family

4.0 Super-Structure

Our LUSSO series introduces a cutting-edge aluminum framework that ramps up the sturdiness of our cabinets by a substantial 26% over past models, giving you a blend of elegance and unparalleled strength.

Family at home

0 Formaldehyde

Thermal Transfer Technology

Our expert team has put in more than 40,000 hours to develop a brand-new adhesive that gives our aluminum cabinets a superior finish. It's a game-changer for sleek, sturdy, & stylish cabinetry you can count on.

Made in consideration for:

-Elderly & children

-Pregnant women

-Sensitive skin & Health conscious individuals


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With our innovative Emboss 3.0 technology, we've significantly cut down formaldehyde levels by 96% extra compared to our earlier models. That's virtually zero, making for healthier, cleaner air in your home.

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Curve Design

image (9).png

The 4.0 Super-Structure enhances our Aluminum Cabinets with the ability to feature smooth, curved designs, bringing you a softer, more refined finish that complements the sleek strength of metal.

100% Recyclable

Our aluminum cabinets are fully recyclable, embodying our commitment to environmental protection & reservation.

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Lifetime Usage

Our advanced Shield technology ensures that our aluminium cabinets are exceptionally resistant to fire, rust, water, and scratches, providing superior durability and long-lasting protection.

Anti-finger Print

Discover the remarkable advancement in our newly launched aluminum cabinet surface, now featuring superior anti-fingerprint technology compared to conventional adhesive surfaces, ensuring a pristine and elegant look for your kitchen.

Different generation of

Aluminium Cabinet

wesbite picture.png

(4th Gen) 2024

Untitled design.png
image (3).png

AI-powered home cabinet

4.0 Super-Structure

Stronger  .  Lighter  .  Better

Alloy Kitchen is adopting the Aerospace-Grade Aluminium material that has the best strength-to-weight ratio, to build residential cabinet that allow you to store 25% more appliances and enjoy the every moment you cook

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First Ever 

90 Curve Design


in Aluminium Cabinet

The 4.0 SuperStructure provide you the most modern cabinet design in this century. That overall improve the style and give you ultimate protection.

Big  .  Bigger  .  Biggest


Provided Different Size to Cater Your Storage Needs

Thanks to the all new 4.0 SuperStructure that offer variety of sizes, from 200mm to 900mm which provide you maximum storage capability and allow you to store 26% more heavy kitchen appliances which can save your money on extra storage



The healthiest choice for you

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With our cutting-edge Adhesive Technology 3.0, which designed to prioritize your health & well-being, our cabinet employs advanced techniques to significantly reduce the spread of formaldehyde, aiming for nearly zero emissions.

Introducing our latest innovation in adhesive tech 3.0: the ultimate solution for bonding aluminum plates and stickers seamlessly. Say goodbye to the frustration of stickers peeling off or aluminum surfaces refusing to adhere – our cutting-edge glue has arrived to revolutionize your adhesive needs.


Design To Last 

For Lifetime


The surface of Lusso is crafted with Emboss Tech 3.0 that incorporates all new materials forming a strong shield protect it from scratch and knock meanwhile maintaining the smooth wood-like texture.

2 times*

Improved wear resistance

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Come With Variety Of Colour


AI-powered cabinet

Social Media Project Photo-2024 (APRIL) .png

We've invested millions in A.I. software and automation to enhance our aluminum cabinet production. This upgrade boosts efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures our customers receive perfectly crafted products.


Kitchen Interior

Handcrafted for a better tomorrow

Sustainability meets serenity. Quality whispers peace.

At Alloy Kitchen, our values align with yours. We use cutting-edge technology to craft premium cabinets that are not only breathtaking but also built to last, creating a tranquil haven that reflects your commitment to the planet and yourself. What matters to you, guides our every design

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Lifetime Warranty

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