What Is Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Carcass?

In The Past, A Normal Kitchen Cabinet Would Only Adopt Aluminium Door While Other Parts Of The Cabinet Are Made From Wood Or Other Material. But With The Introduction Of Full Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Other Cabinetry, The Cabinets Are Now Made From Full Aluminium Material. You Can Install A Full Kitchen Cabinet Where All Parts Such As The Aluminium Cabinet Carcass, Door, Drawer And Shelves Are Made From Aluminium. Let’s Take A Look At The Type Of Carcass Used In The Making Of An Aluminium Cabinet.

There Are Two Types Of Body Carcass Commonly Used For Building Aluminium Cabinet. The ACP Carcass And Solid Carcass. Both Types Have The Same Characteristics As Below:

  • Lightweight But Durable
  • Anti-Termite, Water Proof, Rust-Resistant, Fire-Resistant
  • Weather Friendly During All Seasons (Summer To Winter)
  • Recyclable Material

Both Carcass Do Have Differences And They Are As Explained Below:

ACP Carcass

ACP Carcass Is Constructed With 100% Aluminium On The Frame And The Wall Is Made From Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP). The ACP Is A Thin Panel Bind Together With The Aluminium Frame. If You Take A Closer Look, You Will Notice There Is A Cavity On The Inside Of The Cabinet Frame. ACP Carcass Can Withstand Weight Of 30kg to 50kg

Solid Carcass

Solid Carcass On The Other Hand Is Constructed With Solid Aluminium Body On The Frame And Wall. There Is No Cavity On The Cabinet And All The Surfaces Look Flat And Even. Solid Carcass Can Withstand Weight Of 80kg to 100kg. Our Solid Carcass Comes With Natural Aluminium Silver Coating And Also Powdered Coating. Please See Types Of Aluminium Solid Carcass To Learn More About The Solid Carcass That We Have.

Powder Coated Carcass

Powder Coated Carcass Has An Extra Layer Of Coating On The Aluminium Surface. There Are Many Colour To Choose To Powder Coat The Aluminium Carcass From Solid Colour To Our Popular Woodgrain Series. Powder Coated Carcass Also Has High Scratch Tolerance And It Gives A Matte Finish Appearance And It Is Normally Not Shiny, Making Your Cabinet Looks Tough With A Class.

Which Type Of Carcass Will Best Fit Your Needs?

It Depends On What Type Of Object You Plan To Keep In Your Aluminium Cabinet. For Instance, If You Are Just Keeping Sports Shoes And Sandals (Lightweight Objects), The ACP Carcass Will Be Sufficient To Accommodate This Usage.

If You Are Planning To Keep Heavier Object Then Solid Or Powder Coated Carcass Will Be Your Safe Choice.