Water Experiment: Melamine Vs Aluminium

Does Your Kitchen Cabinets Appear Swollen Or Bubbly?
Are There Dark Spots And Mold Anywhere On Your Cabinets?
When You Press On One Side Of The Cabinet, Does It Feel Soft?

If You Answered “YES” To Any Of These Questions, It Actually Means Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Showing Signs Of Water Damage.

Do You Feel Comfortable To Continue Using Your Kitchen In These Conditions? Will It Be More Hygienic And Ideal To Have Kitchen Cabinets Without All The Awful Problems Above? 🤢

Water Not Only Decreases Your Kitchen Cabinets’ Durability, Lifespan, And Function But Also Brings Along Serious Health Concerns Which Are Caused By Mold And Mildew! 

🤔 You Don’t Want To Risk Your Family Members’ Health With Something That You Can Actually Prevent.

But Here’s The Good News For You! There’s An Effective Solution To Protect Your Kitchen Cabinets From Water Damage Problems. 

Technology Has Brought The Making Of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Possible To Solve Your Water Damage Problems. Aluminium Cabinetry Has Also Rise In Popularity Because Of Its Many Advantages And Recyclable Nature.

Photos Above Showing Our 2 Months’ Experiment Where You Can See The Aluminium Cutout Managed To Maintain It’s Appearances.

This Is Due To The Forming Of Aluminium Protective Shield ( Aluminium Oxide ) That Prevents It From Rusting Or Water Damage.

The Choice Is Yours!

If You Have Better Option, Would You Choose Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Save Our Environment At The Same Time? Aluminium Gives You Long Lasting Usage, Can Be Recycled Forever Without Losing It’s Quality, And Has Trade-In Value. Learn More About Advantages Of Aluminium And Our Trade-In Program