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About Alloy Kitchen Warranty

We Value Your Business With Us Hence We Offer All Our Customers Alloy Kitchen Warranty So That You Don’t Have To Worry About Damages On Your Cabinet With This Awesome Protection. However, If You Think Alloy Kitchen Warranty Is Not Enough, You Can Join Our Alloy Care Membership Where We Offer Exclusive Benefits For Members Only!

Products And Parts That Alloy Kitchen Manufactured, Assembled & Installed Are Covered Under Our Warranty Policy. There Are Also Exclusions, Limitations & Disclaimers In Terms Of Warranty Coverage. Make Sure To Comply With Our Warranty Terms And Conditions For Ease Of Processing Your Warranty Claim.

What Is Covered?

This Alloy Care & Standard Member Warranty Covers The Defects In Workmanship And Material Listed In The Table Below:

  1. This Warranty Covers Our Kitchen Cabinet’s Door And Body Only. We Provide The Claim Of Replacing Or Repairing These Parts. Please Also Refer To What Is Not Covered Under Our Warranty For More Details. The Warranty Duration Above Will Commence From The Date Of Installation.
  2. Warranties Offered Are From The Date Of Installation Purchase, No Matter When Or If A Warranty Replacement Occurs.
  3. Customer Will Be Provided Replacement Or Repairing Of The Affected Body Coating Part Of Subject To The Evaluation After Site Checking.
  4. Customer Will Be Provided Replacement Or Repairing Of Accessories (BLUM, Servetto, Pio & Others) To The Evaluation After Site Checking.
  5. Customer Will Be Provided Replacement Or Repairing Of The Affected Table Top Of The Same Quality & Same Price Range Subject To The Evaluation After Site Checking.
  6. All Mirror Related Product’s Warranty Only Valid For 1 Year, For Example, 3G Door, 4G Door & 4G Mirror Door Or Product With Mirror Or Glass. The Warranty Coverage Does Not Include Glass Cracks Or Broken Due To Intentional Damage Or Misuse And Negligence.
  7. Workmanship Warranty Coverage On Piping And Wiring Work Within 1 Week After Installation. Any Workmanship Issue After 1 Week And Required Additional Service Surcharge Applied.
  8. Body Coating Only Covered The Coating Color For Carcass And Woodgrain Door Only Subject To The Evaluation After Site Checking.
  9. Customer Who Has Passed The Accessories Warranty Deadline And Wants To Repair, Replace Or Change The Accessories Are Required To Purchase A New Accessories Based On The Retail Price.
  10. For Any Warranty Service Related Customer Can Contact Respective Consultant Or Our Customer Success Team [[email protected] OR +603-3319 8842 (Office)/ +6010-937 8842 (HP) (Within 10 am – 6 pm)].

Labour Warranty

  1. ALLOY KITCHEN MARKETING SDN BHD Warrants That It Will Repair Or Service, Free Of Charge, Any Defects Of Poor Workmanship Under Normal Use, For Labour Or Workmanship Done By ALLOY KITCHEN MARKETING SDN BHD Within 30 Days From Date Of Service.
  2. After 30 Days Of Installation Or Service, Any Request For Maintenance, Repair, Or Touch Up Will Incur A Transportation And Labour Charge.

What Is Not Covered?

  1. Our Warranty Coverage Does Not Cover The Defects Of Our Aluminium Cabinets Caused By Improper Storage, Overloaded Storage, Handling, Assembling And Dismantling, Product Modifications, Self Dismantling, Intentional Damage Or Misuse, Splitting Or Warping And Negligence.
  2. This Warranty Does Not Cover Normal Wear And Tear, Cuts, Scratches, Natural Color Fade, Impact, And Accident Due To Daily Usage And Causes From Any Chemical Spilled/Chemical Wipes.
  3. This Warranty Does Not Cover Consequential And Intentional Abused That Will Caused Damage To The Product.
  4. Any Job That Perform By Third Party Are Not Included In The Warranty Such As Hood Installation/Piping Work.

How To Make A Warranty Claim?

  1. Proof Of Purchase Is The Original Invoice & Receipt. You Must Provide The Proof Of Purchase Which Includes Information Of Product And Parts, Date Of Purchase, And Pricing.
  2. You Should Attach Proof Of Photographs Of The Discovered Defects. This Will Help Us In Assessing And Facilitate The Process Of Your Warranty Claim.
  3. Alloy Kitchen Have The Right To Decline Or Postpone Your Warranty Claim If Your Proof Of Purchase Document Is Incomplete.
  4. Alloy Kitchen Will Inspect Our Product With Alleged Damages At Customers’ Premises. Product With Parts Subjected For Warranty Claim Will Also Inspected Whether In The Company Or By Our Field Representative At Customers’ Premises.
  5. Our Field Visit Can Result In Service Charges In Case There’s A Non-Warranty Inspection Required Or Is Requested. We Reserve The Right To Perform Inspection Work Or Arrange A Third Party To Perform The Task On Our Behalf. We Will Not Entertain Any Warranty Claim That Is Prior To A Full Payment Of A Warranted Product.

Want To Claim A Warranty? Just Call Our Customer Service Hotline +6010-937 8842 (10 am – 6 pm) Monday To Friday Or Email At [email protected]

Warranty Disclaimer

This Product Warranty Is Given Exclusively To Customers Who Purchased Our Products. There Will Be No Other Warranties Be Extended Beyond This Contained Description. We Hereby Disclaim All The Liabilities For Damages Incurred Due To Customers’ Own Negligence.

This Warranty Coverage Is Extended Directly To The Customer Only And There Are No Other Third Parties Involved. This Is A Non-Assignable And Non-Transferrable Warranty And Can Never Be Extended Its Scope By Any Representative, Agent, Salesperson, Or Employees Of Alloy Kitchen.

Any Improvement Made In The Future Will Not Serve As Our Obligation To Create The Same For Previously Manufactured Products. In An Event Where A Warranty Claim Is Filed After The Product Becomes Obsolete, We Have The Right To Honour The Warranty Claim With An Alternative Solution Of Equivalent Grade. This Includes Replacement Of The Affected Parts With A New One Of Similar Quality And Grade.

Purchasing Our Product Means Acceptance Of Our Warranty Terms And Conditions. For More Information, You Can Contact Your Sales Representative Or Customer Service [[email protected] OR +603-3319 8842 (Office)/ +6010-937 8842 (HP) (Within 10 am – 6 pm)]

We Want To Ensure That You’re Well Covered Under Alloy Kitchen Warranty Policy Because You Deserve Better!

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