Why Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Perfect For Malaysian?

Since The Flood Happened Since December 2021 Until January 2022, There’s A Hike Of Demand On Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet, Here’s Why!

Eye-catching Kitchen Cabinets Can Make Any Home Look Like A Million Dollars. If A Kitchen Has Gorgeous Storage Doors, Nothing Foreshadows The Other Intricate Interior Beauties That Can Be Found Throughout The Home. Because Cabinets Are Such An Important Factor In Determining The Personality Of A Kitchen, Choosing The Right Style For Your Space Is Essential.

Cabinets May Seem Relatively Shallow Compared To The Structural Components Of A Building, But With Kitchen Cabinets Accounting For More Than A Quarter Of A Kitchen Remodel Budget, Architects And Interior Designers Must Look Into The Future & Research Before Specifying This Factor. Arguably The Most Important Part Of Choosing A Cabinet – Even More Than Style And Function – Is Choosing The Right Material.

Before You Start To Purchase New Kitchen Cabinets, You Need To Know The Pros & Cons For Each Material. Which Of These Two Kitchen Cabinet Material Would Win The Battle? Aluminum Cabinet Or Conventional Cabinet? Well, Let’s The Battle Begin Now!

In Addition, Just Imagine If Your Conventional Cabinet Is Affected By A Flood Which Contains A Lot Of Waste From Sewers & Water With All Sorts Of Nasty Bacteria In Itโ€ฆ Without A Doubt, Your Conventional Cabinet Will Not Survive For Long Through Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters Here In Malaysia.

Alloy Kitchen Team Previously Did An Experiment Where We Submerged Both Of These Material In Clean Water For 7 Days. The Result Of This Experiment Was Interesting! The Conventional Cabinet Material Easily Get Damage & Moldy. Click Here To Watch The Alloy Kitchen Experiment

This Is For Aesthetic Seekers, Aluminium Cabinet Is Not Visually Boring At All. There Is A Common Misconception That Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets Only Have A Matte Metallic Design, But You Are Wrong.

Like Other Man-made Materials, Aluminum Is Highly Customizable. From Cabinet Design To Colour, Every Aspect Of Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets Can Be Customized To Your Liking. Interested To See Other Aluminium Kitchen Designs? Click Here

Aluminium Cabinet

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