Kitchen Cabinet Can Cause Cancer?

Kitchen Cabinet Can Cause Cancer?! Let’s Learn More About Formaldehyde & 3 Steps To Reduce The Risks In Your Own Home

Do You Know Your Kitchen Cabinet Can Cause You A Cancer? How?

The Answer Is Yes, It Is Through Formaldehyde. Well, Most People Do Not Have Any Health Problems From Small Amounts Of Formaldehyde In Their Homes. However, Being Expose To Formaldehyde For Too Long May Cause Side Effects Such As Breathing Problems, Eye Irritation, Sore Throat, Headaches And Even Cancer.

You May Be Asking What Is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde Is A Colourless Gas With A Strong Odor Used In The Manufacture Of Building Materials And Many In Household Products. It Is Mainly Used In Plywood Products And Also Used To Make Other Chemicals. Moreover, Formaldehyde Easily Dissolve In The Air, Usually Within A Few Hours. Based On The American Cancer Society, The Rats That Inhaled Formaldehyde Gas Was Linked To Nasal Cavity & Leukemia.

So Do All Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Have Formaldehyde?

Nope, It Is Depends On Which Types Of Kitchen Cabinet You Are Looking For. Most Of The Cabinets That Are Made From Pressed Wood Products And Conventional Cabinets Are Very Likely Contain Or Produced By Formaldehyde.

Try To Avoid Placing Conventional Cabinet In The Area That Are Prone To Moisture As Mold & Bacteria Could Grow On It. Furthermore, Cabinets That Contains Formaldehyde Are Dangerous If It Is Expose With Water As It Could Easily Spread & Come In Contact With Your Skin Which Can Cause Irritation.

So How Can I Reduce/Avoid The Risk Of Being Exposed To Formaldehyde?

1. Ensure Your Home Have Sufficient Ventilation

One Of The Ways To To Reduce Inhaling Formaldehyde In Your Home Is Through A Proper Ventilation In Your Own Home. One Approach Is To Open Windows & Naturally Increase The Ventilation. If You Have An Extra Budget, Install In-Window Vents In Your Home. Other Than That, You Can Also Reduce The Humidity With Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers. This Is Because If The Humidity Level Increases, The Higher The Intensity Of The Formaldehyde.

2. Make Sure Your Cabinet Is Dry After Refinishing/Repaint Them

If You Are Planning Just To Refinishing Or Repaint Your Cabinet, Make Sure Your Paint Is Completely Dry Before Installing/Use Them. Be Mindful Of The Type Of Paints & Varnishes That May Contain Formaldehyde.

3. Purchase Cabinets That Are Certified Formaldehyde Free Or Buy Alloy Kitchen Cabinet!

Before Replacing Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets, Double Check Its Material If They Are Formaldehyde Free Or Not. Do You Think It Is Such A Hassle To Check Up Each Thing? Well, Purchase Yourself Alloy Kitchen Cabinet Instead. All Of Alloy Kitchen’s Cabinet Made From Aluminium Material & 100% Guaranteed Formaldehyde Free!

We, #AlloyCare More About Your Health & Safety Therefore All Of Our Cabinet Are Truly Safe For You & Your Family. What’s More, Alloy Cabinets Are Environmentally Friendly & Can Be Recycled Countless Of Times Without Losing Its Value!

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