Base Angle Of Kintsugi Series Aluminium Cabinet

Kintsugi Series – The Beauty Of The Imperfection

Inspired by one of the most famous Japanese’s philosophies – Kintsugi, this February 2022, Alloy Kitchen® brings you an exclusive aluminum cabinet design like no other


Created by Alloy Kitchen’s in house designer and handcrafted by our well-experienced artisans, introducing to you our new aluminum cabinet design that is truly one-of-a-kind, Kintsugi series.


Kintsugi is an art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, it teaches us by embracing our imperfections and flaws that could make us stronger and more beautiful.  From the unique color combination & to the nation’s finest aluminum material, this series only cater for those who appreciate the artistry & craftmanship


Almost similar to the Kintsugi, each of our artisans thoroughly assemble the aluminum pieces by hand with our specially made sealant & produce the cabinet individually. Each of the bespoke cabinet represent the story & handiwork of our artisans. Kintsugi series is not your typical cabinet, it’s a symbol of beauty in being different.


The quality of Alloy Kitchen’s cabinet is undeniable. As an expertise in the industry, We take pride in our work & products, Therefore; we assure you that our aluminum cabinet is durable and able withstand extreme weather. Each production of Alloy Kitchen’s cabinet will goes through a meticulous quality control before we deliver & install to your home.


Environmentally Friendly


Do you know that solid waste is one of the crucial issues in Malaysia? Aluminum material is long lasting & hard to dispose of. We, in Alloy Kitchen heartily care about protecting the environment & creating a waste-free world. By buying our kintsugi series, not only you will get exclusive design cabinet but you are also contributing & protecting the earth in reducing the solid waste in Malaysia.


For our Earth,


For our everlasting future,




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