2021 New Alloy Kitchen Cabinet Modular Architecture

Alloy Kitchen Is Implementing Structural Innovations In Our Malaysian Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Business To Create Better Kitchens.

We Are Changing The Basic Architecture Of The Kitchen Cabinets To Greatly Improve Durability And Product Appearance With The Alloy Kitchen Modular Architecture ( A.K.M.A )  

 A.K.M.A Is A Structural Innovation Program That Starts With Changing The Basic Structure Of The Alloy Kitchen Cabinet. With A.K.M.A, We Are Revolutionizing The Joint Unit, Frame And Coating Technology. Through Integrated Product Development, We Expect To Rapidly Improve In Three Areas; Reliability, Storage Space And Appearance. We Want To Continue Providing An Alloy Kitchen Cabinet That Our Customers Value.


Cabinetry-Oriented Company System To Create Unique Cabinet.

Alloy Kitchen Has Adopted A Kitchen Cabinet-Oriented In-House Company System To Enhance Fundamental Design, Wishing To Grab Attention From Our Customers And Improve Basic Storage Space To Provide Excellent Width-Height-Depth Ratio. We Are Also Aiming For A Total Optimization By Pursuing Smart Sharing, Thereby Improving Efficiency And Reducing Cost. These Efforts Are Greatly Increasing Our Potential To Enhance Refine Product Quality Which Building On The Foundation Provided By A.K.M.A, The In-House Companies Consider Market Needs And Consumer Preferences In Each Region To Craft Unique, Attractive Cabinets That Customers Will Love.

Unibody Tech Cabinet

A.K.M.A Carcass’s Robust Characteristic Is Achieved With Our New Unibody Technology. We Have Figured Out New Methods To Refine The Construction Of Aluminium Carcass To Make It Even More Robust & Durable. A.K.M.A Is The Outcome Of A Challenge For Making Ever Better Aluminium Cabinet. This Philosophy Is Built Upon 2 Pillars, Strengthen Body Rigidy & Further Refine Mechanism. 

Strengthen Body Rigidity Is The Improvement Base On The Body Structure That Can Sustain Weight More Than Predecessor By Up To 100KG. And Further Refine Mechanism Enhances Carcass Features Base On The Unibody Technology. 

Base On Experiment, Our New Architecture Aluminium Carcass Immerse Into Water & Expose It To Air, The Basic Component Of Making Iron Rust, For Over A Year, The Carcass Still Fine Without Rust Or Swelling. 

Woodgrain Design

The Aluminium WoodGrain Series Is Our Most Popular Design. What We Have Done Is  We Made A Habit Of Doing This Aluminium Cabinet By Start Over Again Few Years Ago.

 We Love The Way We Don’t Reserve Our Very Best Ideas For Our The Highest End Products That Our Very Best Ideas All Of Our Innovation We Bring To The Most Popular Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet That We Make. When You Start Using It, When You Touching It, When You Start Cooking For Your Love One, It’s So Much More Just Than Just A Collection Of Aluminium, We Have Refined Every Detail Just To Get Rid Of The Imperfection. 

Alloy Kitchen Bond Tech

The Overall Body Of The Carcass Is Coated With Fine Grain Protective Layer Made Possible With Our Alloy Kitchen Bond Tech. This Measure Is Important To Achieve The Finest Finish Possible.

The New Black Grain Carcass Is A Result Of Our Further Refinement Mechanism. The New Black Grain Carcass Has An Extra Layer Of Coating When Compared To The Original Alloy Kitchen Silver Carcass.

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