Refer A Friend Or Family Now & Earn Up To RM500*

Refer A Friend Or Family And Earn Up To RM500* Cash Reward!

Refer a friend and be reason they get to enjoy the peace of mind with a high-quality & long lasting alloy cabinet.

We totally love it when our customers talk about us to their family and friends. Introduce alloy kitchen to as many people as you like to earn unlimited cash reward!

How does our referral program work?


This program rewards you up to rm500 per installation address from each new customer that you introduce to us.

Frequently asked questions
1. What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will be open always until further notice from management.

2. Who is eligible to participate?

The programme is open to all Malaysian aged 18 and above, who had purchase our aluminium cabinets and is an Alloy Care Member.

3. Can I introduce myself?

No, you cannot introduce yourself as a customer. You must introduce another person in order to be eligible.

4. Can I introduce my family members?

Yes, you can, provided that your family members are not an employee of Alloy Kitchen or it’s subsidiaries.

5. Which products entitled me to earn my cash rewards?

You are entitled to earn cash rewards when your referred customer purchase one of our aluminium cabinets series – kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, shoe cabinet, bathroom vanity and wardrobe.

6. How many customers can I introduce to earn the cash rewards in a year?

You can introduce as many new customers to us in a year.

7 . What if two (2) introducers have the same referral?

If two (2) or more introducers refer the same referred customer, the first introducer will be recognised as the introducer of the said referred customer.

8. How do I know my submission has gone through?

You will be notified by our rockstar designer or customer service.

9. When is it considered successful?

There are two (2) criteria as below:
9.1 Invoice generated duly signed by the referred customer and after installation is completed.
9.2 The total invoice amount of the purchase price has been paid in full.