5 Awesome Budgeting Tips For Home Renovation, The 5th One Is The Best!

Feeling excited to renovate your home? But you are worried since you have limited budget for home renovation? Hey, that’s what we are here for! here are 5 budgeting tips for home renovation.


1. Plan Properly

Make a list on what or which area in your home you want to renovate. Prioritize needs & wants. Making all of these list can help you a lot to choose what need to stay or cut off. Most of the homeowners do not know which area in their home they need to start to renovate first. Well, the kitchen area will be the best area to start!

Moreover, kitchen makeover create the most dust & debris compared to the other home areas. According to the national association of realtors, homeowners can recuperate 59% off the cost of a complete kitchen renovation. In addition, if your kitchen is old, remodeling will allow you to appreciate the room more while you’re at home. Looking for more kitchen design & inspiration? Click here!

2. Create Work Schedule

List down all the work/jobs that need to be done for your home renovation project. It is better to include all small details such as who will working on each task & their project timeline. From here you can easily track the progress and cost of your project. By doing this, you won’t overbudget your renovation project. Other than that, this schedule can be used by everyone who is involved in the project so everyone in the team will be on the same page.


3. Find The Right Materials

You may think buying all materials from one supplier may be more cost-effective. But you need to know what exactly you are looking for. There is nothing wrong with buying secondhand items or refurbished furniture but you need to discuss with your contractor first to see if the materials fit the plan. If you are looking for a durable & long-lasting cabinet, it is best to invest your money in aluminum cabinet. There are 6 reasons why you should choose aluminum cabinet. Click here to find out more!

4. Increase Efficiency Not Space

Think again about should you want to make your space look bigger or you could get space-saving furniture/cabinet instead of bust your home wall down. One of the most significant concepts homeowners will convey to their interior designers when remodeling a bedroom, laundry room, or kitchen is the desire for ample space.

However, because space cannot always be created, it must be utilized more effectively. That is why the way we use space is more efficient compared to if we use the amount of space we have. It doesn’t matter if you are remodeling a small studio apartment or landed house with four-bedroom, a well-planned design and with proper utilized the home spaces will makes it more valuable & appealing. want to know more how to maximize your condo space? Click here to learn more.


5. Don’t Rush, Always Compare Quotation

Take your time to make a decision. you don’t have to go for the most expensive option, it is better to find a nice balance of quality & price. The cheapest quote may not always the best value for your home. Gather at least three quotation for you to refer to compare the quality & pricing. without properly compare or survey the quotation, you might run the risk of paying too much & not getting what you want. so you need to do your own research before you making a final decision.

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