Prevent Flood Damage With Aluminium Cabinet. Here Are 4 Reasons Why…

You Might Be Curious Why The Usage Of Aluminium In Many Sectors & Why It Can Help You To Prevent Flood Damage In Your Home. You Will Learn More If You Keep Reading. .

Aluminium Was Discovered In 1808 By The English Chemist, Humphry Davy. It Was Produced By Electrolytic Reduction From Aluminium Oxide. Aluminium Was An Expensive Material And Was Only Used For Jewelry & Luxury Goods.

Aluminium Is Also Incredibly Valuable In Today’s World For Shipbuilding, The Aviation & Automobile Sectors!

1. Durability

Did You Know Aluminium Was Frequently Used To Build Office Buildings, Aircraft & Other Vehicles? Due To Its Strength, Aluminium Is The Second-Most-Used Material By Automobile Manufacturers Since It Can Effectively Protect Passengers In Case Of Accidents Because It Is Robust Enough To Absorb Collision Energy.

High-Strength Aluminium Are Made With Copper. Silicon, Magnesium & Other Elements To Boost Its Strength And Longevity.

Moreover, Aluminium Components Can Be Designed To Be Stronger Than Steel. Since Aluminium Is Resistant To UV Rays, Corrosion Resistant, Weatherproof, Water & Fire Resistant, It Guarantees A Long Lifespan.

2. Lightweight

Aluminium Is Easier To Handle & Carry Due To Its Lightweight. Aluminium Weighs 2.7g/cm3, or One-Third Of The Weight Of Steel.

3. Corrosive Resistance

Aluminium Has A Natural Oxide Layer That Acts As A Shield Against Rust. In Addition, It Can Survive Even The Toughest Environments With Routine Maintenance Like Polishing Or Painting.

4. Environment Friendly

Aluminium Is Completely Recyclable, Which Makes It A More Cost-Effective Production Material. Additionally, The Energy Used For The Aluminium Recycling Process Is Quite Low Which Is At 5% Only. As A Result, It Will Minimize The Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Which Can Benefit The Environment.

Based On All Of The Aluminium Benefits Stated Above, We Can Confirm That Aluminium Is The Best Material & Can Withstand Extreme Weather Especially Here In Malaysia.

Often Time Malaysia Is Struck With Flash Flood During Monsoon Season And It’s Inevitable If We Didn’t Properly Prepare. What’s Worse, Flood Are Not Just Water But Also Consist Of Hurtling Debris That Is Often Swept Up In The Flow.

Flood Can Be Dangerous & Cause A Lot Of Losses Including Money & Property So We need to Prepare For All Flooding Eventualities. Investing In Your Home Cabinet With Alloy Kitchen Can Be A Great Investment You Will Ever Made.

Not Only It Is Durable But It Is Long-Lasting Compared To Any Other Conventional Cabinet. Want To See Our Previous Project Photo? Click Here!

For Only RM4,999 โ€“ You May Get A Traditional Cabinet OR

A Lifetime Usage, Hassle-Free Aluminium Cabinet:

October 2022 Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Promotion: RM4,999* Package


๐Ÿคฉ RM4,999* Package Includes:

โœ… 8ft Premium Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
โœ… 99.9% Wood Lookalike | Woodgrain Design
White Ral, Grey, Natural Oak, Light Oak & English Style Tex Green
โœ… FREE One Side Panel
โœ… 8ft Classy Quartz Table Top
Sesame White Or Crystal White

Additional PWP Offer:

โœ”๏ธ Save RM200 For Wardrobe
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