Alloy Kitchen Is Using Structural Innovation To Create Better Kitchen Cabinets. Through Alloy Kitchen Unibody Tech 2.0, We Are Changing The Basic Architecture Of Our Kitchen Cabinets To Greatly Improve Basic Performance And Product Appeal.

Alloy Kitchen Unibody Tech 2.0

One Specific Initiative Under Alloy Kitchen Unibody Tech 2.0 Is The Development Of New Carcass & Shelving, Which Form The Skeleton Of The Kitchen Cabinet. New Carcass Have A Higher Rigidity, Promoting Both Higher Weight Sustainability Which Improve 11% Of Storage Capability

Our Strategy To Carcass Development Aims To Enhance Product Marketability While Also Increasing Production And Development Efficiency. We Are Able To Increase Production Efficiency While Lowering Production Cost, That Further Benefits Our Alloy Kitchen’s Fans

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