7 Things You Need To Know About Latest Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

In Today’s Modern Home, The Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Isn’t Just A Space For Cooking; But Instead, It’s Where Life Is Happening. It’s The Center Of A Family’s Gathering Area For Meals And Interaction. Stunning Looking Kitchen Is Not Enough; You’ll Also Want A Well Furnished Quality Kitchen Cabinet For Long-Lasting Usage And Most Importantly – Safety Features To Protect Your Family. So Let’s Look At What Is The 7 Things That Kitchen Cabinet That Can Bring Convenient To Your Life.

1. Aluminium Carcass System: The Skeleton Of Aluminium Cabinet

We Are Reinventing The Traditional Cabinetry With Innovative Technology. Aluminium Is Well Known For Its’ Many Benefits Making It Ideal For Many Industries Including Kitchen Cabinet. Alloy Kitchen Solid Carcass System Is Invented With Usability And Durability In Mind, Ensuring You To Experienced Top Performance With Finest Quality.

2. Eco-Friendly: Never Cut Down More Trees To Save Mother Earth

Many Material Are Recyclable And Aluminium Is The Most Recycled Metal On The Planet. This Makes Aluminium Is The Most Cost-Effective, Earth-Friendly And Easy To Obtain Metal For Manufacturing. If You Are Committed To Protect Mother’s Earth For The Future, Choosing Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Will Best Serve Your Virtuous Intention.

3. Stand The Test Of All Climates: Not A Problem To Be Placed In Your Porch

Whether Your Aluminium Cabinet Is Located Indoor Or Outdoor, Hot And Cold Weather, High And Low Humidity, It Is Durable To Withstand All These Weather Conditions Without Getting Damaged. Aluminium Has High Melting Point Of About 1260 Degree Making It Safe To Be Placed Outdoor And The Most Important Property Of Aluminium Is That It Becomes Even Stronger When The Temperature Drops!

4. Light Weight But Durable: We Don’t Just Simply Make This Claim; It’s Proven!

Aluminum Is Lighter Than Most Metals, Making It Easier To Handle And Highly Suitable For Many Industries. It Is Very Strong, Yet Provides An Excellent Low Weight-To-Strength Ratio, Which Is Beneficial For A Kitchen Use.

5. Rust Resistant

Aluminium Does Not Rust Because It Doesn’t Contain Iron Or Steel But Is Prone To Corrosion When Exposed To Atmospheric Oxygen. Aluminum Corrosion Results In The Formation Of Aluminum Oxide On The Aluminium Surface Which Is A Thin, Hard Layer That Actually Protects The Metal From Further Corrosion. The Difference Between Rusting And Corrosion Is That While Rusting Flakes Away Exposing More Area Of The Iron Or Steel, Aluminium Oxide Protects The Aluminum Surface From Further Reaction To External Element.

6. Water And Fire Resistant: Do Not Absorb Moisture & High Melting Point

Everyone Knows Engineered Wood Or Chipboard Cannot Be Waterproof. When Exposed To Water, Wood Will Absorb The Moisture, Expand, Gets Mouldy And Worms Start To Infest On The Wood. Also, Wood Transmit Fire Making It Get Burnt In Short Period Of Time If It Caught In Fire.

On The Contrary, Aluminium Is Resistant To Both Water And Fire. Aluminium Do Not Absorb Moisture And Can Withstand Very High Degree Of Temperature Up To 1260 Degree. This Characteristic Of Aluminium Makes It Highly Flexible And Useful In Many Industry Including Kitchen Cabinet. Most Importantly, Aluminium Does Not Transmit Fire, Allowing Anyone More Time To Escape In Case Of Fire Emergency In A Building.

7. Resistant To Insects, Termites And Chemical

Chipboard Cabinets Are Prone To Pest, Insects And The Worst Is Termites Infestation. Termites Not Only Damaged Your Cabinets But Also Your Precious Property Altogether. Aluminium Is Your Solution In Providing You Great Performance And Usability And You Can Enjoy Cooking In A Clean, Safe And Healthy Kitchen.

Aluminium Can Withstand Most Chemicals Including Natural Substance From Fruits, Assorted Food, Vinegar And Many More. However, Never Use Vigorous Acids Base Cleaning Solution To Clean Your Cabinet Because It Can Greatly Affect The Durability And External Appearance Of Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet.

What’s Unique About Alloy Kitchen?

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You Can Enjoy Saving Up To 40% Trade-In Value With Our Alloy Care Trade-In Program. We Want Our Customers To Get Maximum Value Using Recyclable Aluminium. 

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