6 Reasons Why Landed Homeowners Must Buy New Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

Woohoo! You Are Thrill & Excited To Start Your Journey In Your New Home And You Want To Purchase A Good Quality Kitchen Cabinet For Your Residence. Look No Further Guys, #Alloykitchen Is Here To The Rescue!

“Hmm Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet.. Worth It Meh?”

Hey Hey! Aluminum Cabinet Is Totally Worth It Tau. It Is A Good Investment For Your Home Especially For Landed Homeowners.

Here Is 6 Reasons Why You Must Buy Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet:

1. Water- & Rust-Resistance

Aluminum Cabinet Is Non-Porous And Would Not Seep Through The Moisture. Aluminum Cabinet Also Have Layer Of Oxidation Which Can Prevent Rusting. As We Completed A 420,480 Hours Of Water And Rust Test, We Found Out Our Aluminium Cabinet Can Survive In Soap & Salt Water Throughout This Period Without Any Damage. In The Other Hand, Conventional Kitchen Is Attractive And Great However It Won’t Last Long In The Water As Much As Aluminum Cabinet. So Don’t Need To Kancheong If Suddenly Flash Flood Struck, Your Alloy Kitchen Cabinet Still Look As Good Like New!

2. Fire-Resistance

Aluminum Kitchen Material Is Naturally Resistant To High Temperature & Won’t Catch Fire Easily Like Any Other Material. According To Our Experiment, The Aluminium Can Withstand Up To 660 Degree Celcius Of Heat, If Ther’re Under Any Unfortunate Event Of Fire Happen, Surely Abang Bomba Would Be Amaze By Your Durability Of Kitchen Cabinet:

3. Anti-Termite

Aiyo! This One Also Problem Wo.. Haiya If You Use Alloy Kitchen Cabinet, You Don’t Have To Worry For This Pests. Aluminum Is Non-Living Thing And It’s So Rigid, So It Leave No Space For The Pest Infestation. We Guarantee You The Pests Don’t Even Have Strong Teeth To Bite The Aluminum.

4. Durable & Low-Maintenance

No Matter What Kind Of Circumstances, Aluminum Cabinet Able To Withstand Extreme Weather And Condition. Maintaining & Taking Care Of The Cabinet Is Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy! Got Stain On Your Cabinet? Rilex Lah, Just Wipe The Cabinet With The Damp Cloth And You Are Good To Go.

5. Scratch Resistance

Our Powder Coated Series Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Won’t Be Get Scratch Easily As It Coated With A Layer Of Colour Powder Which Protect The Surface From Normal Scratch.

6. Fancy Design

Who Said You Cannot Have A Fancy Kitchen With Aluminum Cabinet? Leave It To The Aluminum Expert Lah, #AlloyKitchen. We Offer More Than 50 Aluminum Cabinet Design & Colour For You To Choose. Pilih Jangan Tak Pilih! Click Here To Look At Other Kitchen Cabinet Designs:

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