5 Core Types Of Beautiful Kitchen Layout Design?

Every Kitchen Cabinet Can Be Divided Into Five Zones – Regardless Of Shape Or Size.

For Right-Handed Users – Consumables, Non-Consumables, Cleaning, Preparation & Cooking Should Be Laid Out Clock-Wise.

For Left-Handed Users Will Be In The Reverse Order.

The Preparation Zone Is The Main Work Area & Should Be At Least 90cm Wide. This Will Ensure Enough Worktop Space To Make Cooking Easy & Enjoyable.

I- Shape Kitchen Layout

Suitable For Small Kitchen Space And Lower Renovation Cost. Suitable For Apartment Or Condominium Kitchen.

L – Shape Kitchen Layout

Suitable For Studio Apartment As This Is A Floor Saver Layout Option And Provide More Storage Space Than I-Shape Kitchen.

U – Shape Kitchen Layout

Comfortable For Two Cooks And Allow For Brisk Manoeuvring. Sufficient Counter Space For Meal Preparation & Cooking.

G – Shape Kitchen Layout

Almost Like U-Shape Layout – This Layout Also Provides Ample Cooking Space For Preparation, Cooking And Washing.

Galley Kitchen Layout

It Is Made Up From Two Parallel Counter Top With Equal Accessible. Regardless Of It’s Size, This Layout Is Great For Your Meal Preparation.

In Summary, Every Kitchen Layout Has It’s Own Benefits Which Maximizes Your Productivity And Efficiency In The Kitchen. You Just Need To Pick The Right Layout That Works For Your Kitchen Space And Also Works For You.