3 Things To Know Before Installing Wall Socket In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Is Where You Prepare Your Meals And Will Use Many Electrical Appliances. If The Wall Sockets Are Not Positioned Accordingly, You’ll Noticed The Inconvenience When You Are Using Your Kitchen And In Worst Case Scenario, You May Need To Re-Do Your Wall Socket Wiring.

So, The Amount Of Wall Socket And It’s Height Play An Important Role. And Here’s A Guideline To Observe When You’re Planning Your Kitchen Layout.

1. Position Of Wall Socket

Preservative Area: Reserve One-Socket For Fridge

Sink Area: Reserve 2 To 3 Sockets Under The Sink For Water Purifier, Garbage Processor Or Any Other Electrical Appliances.

Food Preparation Area: Reserve 2 – 3 Sockets Behind Base Cabinet For Dish Washing Machine, Disinfection Machine, Oven Or Any Other Electrical Appliances.

Cooking Area: Reserve 1 Socket Above The Stove For Hood.

2. Switch Layout

Install 2 Switch Point At Kitchen Entrance: One For Lighting Control & Second One For Fan/ Exhaust Fan/ Other Electrical Applicances.

3. Height Of The Wall Socket

The Information Here Served As A General Guideline Only. The Actual Amount Of Wall Socket And Switch Also Depends On Your Personal Preference. 

If You’re Looking For An Innovative And Safe System, We Also Recommend You To Use EUBIQ Power Track. EUBIQ Power Track Allows You To Add In Extra Socket And Remove It Safely And Very Easily.

Watch The Video Below To Know-How: